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Episode Twenty-Seven

Ladies and Gents hold on to your headphones, the ORIGINAL Jim Carey is in the SIS house today! AND it just so happens to be his birthday! We’re talking about how NOT to impress your girlfriend’s dad, worst date stories, and the “truth” about his courtship with Mrs. Carey. So much fun recording with one of our #1 fans, Happy Birthday JIMBO!

Episode Twenty-Six

Not sure if you know this, but one half of the SIS duo is a FANCY traveling business MOGUL and she also just got back from an incredible SOLO trip to her homeland of Norway, This girl is sharing all the tips and tricks on how to take advantage of those vacation days even without a SO and how to date even if you’re never home!

Episode Twenty-Five

Ok single ladies and gents, this one's for you! We’re revealing our top 10 reasons why being single is AWESOME, because let’s be honest, the single life has some serious perks. So sit back and enjoy our list and maybe it’ll inspire you to make your own—after all the single life ain’t forever!

Episode Twenty-Four

This week we sit down with the lovely lady who captured Lindsay’s fabulous birthday boudoir photos! Photographer and fellow podcaster, Bailey, tells us all about her journey as a single in Seattle and how she met her hubby IN THE WILD. We also talk all about her photography and how stripping down can really empower you love the bod you’ve got!

Episode Twenty-Three

Seattle is one of the fastest growing cities in America, and as you know it’s one of the worst cities to date… which is an all around joy. This week we’re chatting with our dear friend, Helen, a multi-city transplant. She’s giving us the scoop on her experience bopping around the US and abroad, meeting friends, and dating as the new girl in town. She’s truly a gem.

Episode Twenty-Two

SEVEN SEVEN SEVEN…or just an eight and a two. This week we’re breakin’ it down Enneagram style! The brilliant and talented Personal Fulfillment Coach, Jenna, gives us the rundown of all the types, our types, and why it’s great or sometimes not so great to be our types.

Episode Twenty-One

In this week’s episode, we’re giving you all the tips on how to survive and thrive this Valentine’s day in Singletown. We’re comin’ to you a few days early so that you can prepare to live your best single lives this VDay. So treat yo self to a day of love - love of friends, family, and yourself. You deserve it!

Episode Twenty

In this second installment of What Would Kelsey and Lindsay Do, we’re debating everything from mama’s boys to business men to dog kissers. We both love being right, so you know things get real!

Episode Nineteen

This week we’re putting in the work so you don’t have to! We’re talking about our recommended date spots in Seattle. Warm weather to cold weather, first dates to activity dates, we’ve got you covered! Our goal in this episode is to help you catch all the feels for this beautiful city we call home and maybe even for your date as well. Happy dating friends!

Episode Eighteen

We are so thrilled to have the beautiful, inspiring, nature-loving bad ass, Holly aka @missholldoll, on the pod today. We talk about overcoming limiting beliefs, changing the single mindset, and how Mother Nature really is the best therapist. After this episode, you might find yourself in the REI clearance section ready to hop on the least when it stops raining.