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Episode Nineteen

This week we’re putting in the work so you don’t have to! We’re talking about our recommended date spots in Seattle. Warm weather to cold weather, first dates to activity dates, we’ve got you covered! Our goal in this episode is to help you catch all the feels for this beautiful city we call home and maybe even for your date as well. Happy dating friends!

Episode Eighteen

We are so thrilled to have the beautiful, inspiring, nature-loving bad ass, Holly aka @missholldoll, on the pod today. We talk about overcoming limiting beliefs, changing the single mindset, and how Mother Nature really is the best therapist. After this episode, you might find yourself in the REI clearance section ready to hop on the least when it stops raining.

Episode Seventeen

We. Are. So. Excited! Today, we have a local celebrity in the house! We’ll give you a few hints, she’s a bad ass, boss bitch who slings ice cold Cucumber Crushes all night long to the curated vibes of Mr. Nostalgia himself. Christin, bartender extraordinaire at our favorite place, Shingletown Saloon, tells us all about her view from behind the bar. It’s a WILD job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Episode Sixteen

It’s a new year and a brand new Single in Seattle...JUST KIDDING. We’re the same old us, and we’re totally happy with that! In this episode, we’re talking about how to ditch the traditional New Year’s resolutions and set goals with positive intention and self love. We’re humans after all, let’s make 2019 the year to give ourselves a collective break! How are you going to love yourself more this year?

Episode Fifteen

Our two favorite gals are back for round two! In this episode, Chris and Melis tell us about their experience as parents of daughters navigating the dating world. We discuss when they’d like to know about the new guy, how they manage to hold their tongues when they hate the guy, and most importantly where we need to put ourselves. Hint: apparently it’s “out there.” We even had them design us a boyfriend - we love these crazy amazing ladies, hope you do too!

Episode Fourteen

In this very special two-part series, our two favorite ladies stop by the pod. They’re not just our moms, they’re also our personal hype ladies, our sometimes questionable wing women, our bad ass role models, and our favorite drinking buddies. In part one, we talk about our mama’s dating pasts and their feelings about today’s dating climate. They tell us all about the good and the bad, and man, it sounds familiar - I guess some things never change! We’re so thrilled to share these special women with all of you!

Episode Thirteen

As self-proclaimed gurus of the modern dating environment, we are often sent interesting articles about love, sex, attraction, and relationships. In this episode we discuss some of our favorites we’ve stumbled upon recently. Don’t worry we’ve done all the reading, we’re giving you the abridged versions with some colorful commentary as usual.

BONUS Episode 1

It’s our first BONUS EPISODE! We just had so much great content with Kelly, that we didn’t want to keep anything from you! In this extra special episode, we asked a few NON-DATING related questions (I know weird), and the cards serve us some major realness. You don’t want to miss it!

Episode Twelve

We’re bringing witchy back people! This week, our witchy friend, Kelly, tells us all about one of her favorite hobbies, Tarot Reading! She tells us all about the value of turning to the cards and connecting with yourself and the universe when life gets crazy. Which is always... Then she gives us both some powerful readings about our futures in love and intimacy. It really is a magical episode.

Episode Eleven

Alright everybody, the halls are decked, the hollies are jolly, and the single bells are a ringin’! This week we discuss how best to approach this holiday season with confidence and most importantly, kindness for yourself. We talk dating during the holidays, selecting the right gift for your new boo, and maybe telling Aunt Sue to suck it once or twice. We’re not waiting under the mistletoe for our Mr. Claus, so you shouldn’t be either - Happy Singlemas to all and to all a good night.