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Episode Thirty-Four

Don’t worry the podcast isn’t going anywhere! BUT we are celebrating the end of a different era, the era of living with roommates. That’s right, we’ve both moved into our very own bachelorette pads and so far we’re LOVING it! We’re discussing our experiences with our awesome ex-roommates, the importance of living with others as well as alone, and what happens when significant others are thrown in the mix.

Episode Thirty-Three

Another single man in Seattle is on the pod this week to help shed some light on the thoughts and actions of his species. TBH we’re still clueless but we still had a great time with the charming and lovely, Gentry Gevers!

Episode Thirty-Two

We’re talkin’ a-aaa-a-al-co-hol on the pod today because chances are it has played some sort of role in your story—as it has in ours. We discuss our experiences with alcohol, as well as how how it can impact our lives whether single, dating, or in a relationship. So raise whatever glass you’ve got and cheers to living your truth and cutting out self-judgment!

Episode Thirty-One

You’ve read the article, you’ve sent us the article, we all know THE article. SEATTLE IS THE WORST CITY FOR DATING. Yikes, way to be overachievers Seattle. This week we’re interviewing the source of this claim and our Dating Podfather himself, host of The Great Love Debate podcast and world tour, Brian Howie! He just visited Seattle for the 15th time—are we still the worst? Worse than before? Better? Listen to find out!

Episode Thirty

Sometimes life isn’t all mimosas and Instagram filters, sometimes life is real hard, especially when love is involved. Today we’re getting real and raw about break ups. We’re talking about our breakups, how to get through breakups, and how to be a good friend during a breakup. It ain’t easy but we gotchu!

Episode Twenty-Nine

Today we have our single soul sister on the pod. Michelle, from our new favorite social movement, Move Offline, is going to change the world, one conversation at a time. The Offline Movement is all about removing the fear of the approach by signalling that you’re open to it in the first place. It’s time to move offline and invite the conversation people!

Episode Twenty-Eight

Dum dum da dum… We’re kickin’ off wedding season with event and wedding planner extraordinaire, Audra from Lovely Events! She’s telling us all about her experiences planning over 350 weddings and giving us all the tips on how to have a blast no matter the occasion. We also talk about how much of a good time Cougs are, but that’s no surprise.  

Episode Twenty-Seven

Ladies and Gents hold on to your headphones, the ORIGINAL Jim Carey is in the SIS house today! AND it just so happens to be his birthday! We’re talking about how NOT to impress your girlfriend’s dad, worst date stories, and the “truth” about his courtship with Mrs. Carey. So much fun recording with one of our #1 fans, Happy Birthday JIMBO!

Episode Twenty-Six

Not sure if you know this, but one half of the SIS duo is a FANCY traveling business MOGUL and she also just got back from an incredible SOLO trip to her homeland of Norway, This girl is sharing all the tips and tricks on how to take advantage of those vacation days even without a SO and how to date even if you’re never home!

Episode Twenty-Five

Ok single ladies and gents, this one's for you! We’re revealing our top 10 reasons why being single is AWESOME, because let’s be honest, the single life has some serious perks. So sit back and enjoy our list and maybe it’ll inspire you to make your own—after all the single life ain’t forever!