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Episode Fifty-Three

Breaking up is hard to do, even if it’s only been a date or two! It’s never easy to let someone down and there’s definitely an etiquette to doing so. As always, your girls give our unqualified advice on the dos and don’ts of ending things. 

We can’t tell you how incredible the last year has been for us. We appreciate each and every one of you who listened, shared, commented, reviewed, and came back week after week. We love you all so much, thank you! Byeeeeeeee!

Episode Fifty-Two

We asked and the universe delivered - we’ve wanted a comedian on the show forever and our prayers were answered via a little slip n’ slide in the DMs by the hilarious and charming Ben Butler! Ben tells us all about the differences between dating in Ireland vs. Seattle, dating as a comedian, and all the times he realized he was not gay. All the while, Lindsay was bursting at the seams with the urge to tell her semester abroad stories. Sláinte!It’s a long one, but it’s so worth it, so buckle up!

Episode Fifty-One

We’ve had both of our mothers and our fathers, our friends and our therapists, but today, after 51 episodes, we finally have our truly kick ass siblings on the pod! We’re talking about the difference between sisters and sister-brother relationships, sibs during breakups and what happens when you’re not a big fan of your sibling’s partner. It’s a long one, but it’s so worth it, so buckle up!

Episode Fifty

Holy shitballs, it is episode FIFTY people! This week your girls are BACK talking about something that plagues just about everyone at some point—dating fatigue. Whether you’ve been on the apps for too long or are just killin’ the dating game, chances are you’ve experienced a period of frustration, nonchalance, or depression related to dating at least once. We’re talking all about it and how to pull yourself back up and out of that mindset and set you on a path of positivity and intention.

Episode Forty-Nine

We have the wonderful and hilarious Marina from the Dating In Seattle Instagram on the pod today! We’re having a nice chat about the cluster you-know-what that is Seattle dating and trust us, this girl speaks our language. You’re gonna love her and all her crazy dating stories and maybe she’ll even re-post a few of yours—If you’re like us, you’ve probably collected a few!

Episode Forty-Eight

Have you ever wished you could sign a man up for Dating 101? Well now you can because Dating Coach, Cara Boyd, is a no bullshit dating coach for men who don’t JUST want to get laid. Basically she’s taking one for the collective female team to help the male species learn how to date and be in relationships! Frankly she’s an angel and we don’t deserve her! If you have a man in mind that could use her services, just ask her for a business card, you’ll be glad you did.

Episode Forty-Seven

The redemption episode is here! Lindsay’s dad, Ted, is back for a make up episode after technology unfortunately destroyed the original. He’s telling us all about the “great ambush” from his perspective and his feelings about his daughters dating and going through breakups. This is one Ted Talk you’ll definitely want to tune into!

Episode Forty-Six

“Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!” Sound familiar? If you had a sex ed teacher like Coach Carr, today is the day to tune in! We are in awe of these two incredible Community Outreach Educators from Planned Parenthood. They are not only changing the world, but they’re training a brigade of incredible young people to help facilitate effective and realistic sex and relationship education among their peers. We are still reeling from the awesomeness. 

Episode Forty-Five

We are SO excited to have Psychotherapist, Rachel Gabrielle, on the podcast today. Rachel’s specialty is working with high-functioning professional women of all ages who are struggling with their relationships. We talk about how to find a therapist, what even IS therapy, and how can it help you navigate being single, being in a relationship and everything in between. Lastly, we cover some AMAZING listener questions. Therapy is in session people!

Episode Forty-Four

On our finale episode of Entrepreneur Month, we’re joined by the Bad Ass Boss Bitches of Davies + Dixon who tell us all about building their business from the ground up. Beyond slaying the Digital Marketing world, Kelsey and Makenzie are focusing on empowering their employees to love what they do and where they work. They’re killin’ it, makin’ waves and truly livin’ the BABB life!