All in Dating

Episode Forty-Seven

The redemption episode is here! Lindsay’s dad, Ted, is back for a make up episode after technology unfortunately destroyed the original. He’s telling us all about the “great ambush” from his perspective and his feelings about his daughters dating and going through breakups. This is one Ted Talk you’ll definitely want to tune into!

Episode Forty-Six

“Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant and die!” Sound familiar? If you had a sex ed teacher like Coach Carr, today is the day to tune in! We are in awe of these two incredible Community Outreach Educators from Planned Parenthood. They are not only changing the world, but they’re training a brigade of incredible young people to help facilitate effective and realistic sex and relationship education among their peers. We are still reeling from the awesomeness. 

Episode Forty-Five

We are SO excited to have Psychotherapist, Rachel Gabrielle, on the podcast today. Rachel’s specialty is working with high-functioning professional women of all ages who are struggling with their relationships. We talk about how to find a therapist, what even IS therapy, and how can it help you navigate being single, being in a relationship and everything in between. Lastly, we cover some AMAZING listener questions. Therapy is in session people!

Episode Forty-Four

On our finale episode of Entrepreneur Month, we’re joined by the Bad Ass Boss Bitches of Davies + Dixon who tell us all about building their business from the ground up. Beyond slaying the Digital Marketing world, Kelsey and Makenzie are focusing on empowering their employees to love what they do and where they work. They’re killin’ it, makin’ waves and truly livin’ the BABB life!

Episode Forty-Three

We’re very familiar with all the challenges associated with dating in Seattle. Duh. We even started a podcast about it. That’s why we’re so excited to have our friend, Ben, founder of The Seattle Dating App, on the pod this week! Ben designed this app to not only combat the most common dating app frustrations but to get Seattle back into an intentional state of mind and facilitate real connection! We can’t wait to try it out!

Episode Forty-Two

Walk walk fashion baby! We’ve got one of the founders of Seattle Gents, a mens fashion influencer collective, Avi Soor, joining us on the pod today! Seattle Gents’ goal is to help the men of Seattle up their wardrobe game through inspiring content, events, and personal styling. Avi’s telling us all about his transition to taking his side hustle full-time and offering our listeners some tips and tricks to better style.

Episode Forty-One

We’re kicking off our Entrepreneur Month with our friend and musical genius, Robbie Christmas. Under the moniker, RX, Robbie is writing and producing music that will seriously be your new obsession. He’s so talented and has truly put in the work playing all over Seattle. You can listen to his new song “Who I Was” at the end of the episode, on Spotify, and catch him at his next show—we’ll probably be front row...winking at him...

Episode Forty

After a week of fighting with technology, we’re excited to come back with a DOUBLE episode week. In the month of July, we’re featuring some people we truly admire for crushing the entrepreneur game and following their dreams! To begin, we’re telling you our story—how we thought of the pod, how we got started, and where we hope to take it. We also get really real about the peaks and valleys along the way. 

Tune in tomorrow and celebrate America with another episode with us!

Episode Thirty-Nine

Grab your popcorn and snuggle up for this week’s episode with our friends from the Dead Beat Film Society podcast! On their show, every episode they pick a film to discuss with their guests—SPOILER ALERT they even had us on to talk about the masterpiece of our generation, Bridesmaids. So on our show, we thought we could rip apart the ridiculous clichés in all the romantic classics we know and love.

Episode Thirty-Eight

Today we tackle the age-old question—can men and women be JUST friends? Can you really carry on a platonic relationship with someone of the opposite sex without catching the feels? Can men and women ignore the sexual tension long enough to develop a mutual respect and a lasting friendship? Spoiler alert we think you totally can, and we’re reminiscing about our lovely man friends along the way.