We’re Single…and we’re in Seattle.

Single in Seattle is a podcast for normal people by normal people. Yep, just regular, single, human girls—no ex-Bachelor contestants here. We discuss topics ranging from dating to self care to career goals, with the utmost goal of relatability and humor. Guests will include people we admire for a variety of reasons but ultimately because they’re living their lives and living them well. We hope you enjoy, we hope you laugh, and we hope even a shred of our advice is helpful.

So who the hell are we?


Kelsey Carey


Kelsey is an Account Executive at a Creative Agency, she manages the clients and makes sure everyone’s a happy camper. Lucky for her, much of her job requires research and development, and working with the wine industry is no exception. When she’s not wining and dining her clients, you can often find her at a craft store starting her next project, trying an unnecessarily complex recipe, or sweating off all the wine at the gym.

While her crazy dating stories are more few and far between she brings some serious dating knowledge from some pretty substantial relationships. You’ll have a front row seat to her journey back into the dating world so buckle up for the good, the bad, and the just plain awkward— because this girl has a tendency to attract some real winners.

Ultimately her guy is emotionally available (novel thought), not passive aggressive (good luck in Seattle), and makes her laugh (Chris Pratt wyd). Help a sister out!


Lindsay Lagreid


Lindsay is a Solution Architect at Limeade, an Employee Experience Software company, bettering workplace well-being one day at a time. While she’s not being a boss bitch, she enjoys spending her time outside (weather permitting...we do live in Seattle after all), meditating, getting in a good namaste, and cooking when she’s not traveling around charming the pants off her clients.

As you know, Linds has tried every diet (and now rebukes them all in the name of #selflove) and every dating app, so this girl has a plethora of stories to tell that will have you LOLing for real. She’d really like a guy that’s secure enough to be himself and be vulnerable and open (does he exist?) and obviously he can’t have stupid sunglasses. Really she’s looking for her very own Paul Rudd… because Paul Rudd…

Lindsay’s ideal guy looks like a lumberjack (also height matters :P). So if you know of any emotionally secure lumberjacks with Paul Rudd vibes, slip n’ slide into those DMs folks.

We’d love to hear from you!

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